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Your purchase helps to repair, restore, and regenerate our ecosystems and the communities within.

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Our Vision

We envision a world where your purchase of a product helps to repair, restore & regenerate ecosystems and the communities nested within them.

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Here's How It Works

Mauka Market is the world’s first global e-commerce marketplace optimized to direct its profits towards bioregional projects and initiatives working to restore and regenerate the damage that has been done to our planetary life support systems.

We connect you to eco-conscious artisans who are radically ethical in their sourcing and manufacturing practices, utilizing materials sourced from waste streams, invasive species and sustainably cultivated native species:

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The skill, care and intention that goes into each lovingly crafted piece that you will find at Mauka Market is second-to-none, and is a throwback to ancestral times, when each handcrafted item was a beautiful expression of its place, made from locally available materials that were harvested with reverence and reciprocity to ensure abundance for future generations.

The global economic paradigm we are entangled in is optimized for resource extraction and ecological plunder. Mauka Market is striving towards creating supply chain transparency & accountability, and directing financial profits towards socio-ecosystem repair & regeneration.

When you purchase something from Mauka Market, you are directly supporting local artisans who are invested in their communities, and who have demonstrated a commitment to the repair, restoration and regeneration of our natural world.

Ethically sourced: All of our vendors must complete a rigorous screening to show how they hold themselves to a higher standard of radically ethical sourcing.

Exclusively available: We work with our artisans and vendors to develop offerings that will only be found at

Handcrafted goods: Each product is a unique expression of the values of the hands which fashioned it.

Supports ecosystem restoration: A portion of your purchase will go towards native forest restoration and invasive species removal.

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Mauka Market is a global platform that connects consumers to local artisans that utilize material which is ethically sourced and harvested to support regeneration of natural resources.

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